Honey Man Song Lyrics

Say Hello to Paris

Say Hello to Paris written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

Got your postcard the other day
About your walk along the River Seine
Sent my mind a’spinning
So many places I have never been
Do I sink or do I swim?

So say hello to Paris
For me, for me
Ain't getting' there anytime soon
With theses three babes rambling' round my feet
Maybe someday I'll get away...
Until then say hello to Paris for me

The coffee in my cold kitchen, dear
Well, it's bitter, but it's sweet
Love to be right next to you
Drink in your company
Do just as I please

I must trust that for me
There will come a time
Cause there's music in the rhythm and there's
Reason in the rhyme
And the beauty that I need
Is right, right in front of me

Honey Man

Honey Man by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

Verse 1:
My baby likes it sweet nearly everyday
My baby likes it sticky in every way
Now I’m in deep
Yes, I’m in way over my head
You know I owe my soul to the Honey man
To the Honey man

Verse 2:
I take Ninth Avenue, though Main Street's the best way
Got to avoid that honeyman when I'm working my day
He'd take my house
You know he'd take my babychild
To satisfy my debt for that honeywild
For that honeywild

He's my honey man
Aww, he's my honey man
He's my honey man
You know I owe my soul
To that honey man
To that honey man

King of the bees
Yes, he's got what I need
Aww don't you ever take my sweet

Verse 3:
I got an old jar
Collect all that I can
I'm saving real hard to pay back that honeyman
Counted ten, now it counts twenty-five
Still I feel like I'm drowning in his honey hive
In his honey hive


Already Down

Already Down  written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music
(music arranged by Brent Kirby and Hey Mavis)

Step away from the edge now, baby
Don’t lean over too far
It’s a long way down now, baby
You might not survive the fall

Pick yourself up by the bootstraps, baby
What you got to be stressed about
Everybody’s got worries now, baby
That’s what this life’s about

I’m already down
Done smacked the ground

Dust in my eye
Face flat on the ground
Now where to go but up
'Cause I'm...already down

It’s gonna be a long hard crawl back up
Don’t know if I got what it takes
It’d be easier to turn my back than face up
To all the things that are at stake

I’m already down
Done smacked the ground
Landed face down

Dust in my eye
Face flat on the ground
Now where to go but up
'Cause I'm...already down


Song for Suitors

Song for Suitors written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

Build her up
You, can build her up
Don’t you ever let her down
Call her queen
You, can call her queen
Don’t you ever take her crown
Sing her your love, sing her you love
But she’ll always be my melody

Take her hand
You, can take her hand
Don’t you lead her astray
Calm her fears
You, can calm her fears
Don’t you leave her afraid
Cherish her love, cherish her love
But she’ll always be my baby

Hold her close
You, can hold her close
Don’t you squeeze her too tight
Be her star
You, can be her star
But you’ll never outshine her light
Grow with her love, grow with her love
But her heart grew inside of me


Red Hot

Red Hot by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

I’ve seen the color of sunset
The color of rising dawn
But my god damn favorite
Is the color of you gone

It shine just like silver
Glows just like gold
But I miss that red hot
When our bodies enfold
Our bodies enfold…yeah!

I have seen your kind before
Felt the touch of your hand
Feels real good at midnight
But in the morning you’re just a man

Once you get the fire burning
You got to blow on them coals
If the flame it goes out
You’re going to get cold
Going to get cold…yeah!

My sweet little sister
Listen to what mama preach
Dig a hole down in the earth
Pray that hole your heart to keep

Do not walk the path I have
Nor give away what I gave
Live with both wings outstretched
Not one foot in the grave
One foot in the grave…yeah!


By Your Side

By Your Side (Strength and Sword) by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

Verse 1:
Tell me a story of long ago
Help me lose my thinking in the blinding white winter snow
I cannot see from where it is I came
Thoughts of where I’m going are the same

Take me by the hand and lead my away from here
Show me the path you walk upon without fear
I want to be the strength and the sword
By your side

Verse 2:
Little boys and girls run free like the wind
Fall down, jump high and circle back again
The weight can be so heavy, a life gone so wrong
Briefly uplifted by a song

Verse 3:
Walking down the avenue I feel you close behind
Take my steps slowly ‘til your gaze meets mine
Sun on our faces, winter wind at our backs
Train at the station waiting on the tracks


Let the Water Do the Work

Let the Water Do the Work written by Brent Kirby  2013 Harvest Town Music

I have roamed and I have traveled
Found my place and let it go
Many things I still don’t know
and I’ll never see 
Sometimes you feel that turn
changing, anticipation
liberating emancipation
begin to grow

Let the Water Do the Work
Let The Water Do the Work
Release and find your peace
Let The Water Do the Work

Forgive your favorite things
You won’t need them anymore
They’ll only weigh you down
As you move along
Time to take your leave
There’s no need to try and believe
That fate will come up faster
The end’s the same

Let the Water Do the Work
Let The Water Do the Work
Release and find your peace
Let The Water Do the Work

Through cracks and breaks, waves and quakes
I’ll float around, Without a sound
It’s part of me, The part that’s free
eternal open wide


Little Lovebird

Little Lovebird written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music
Verse 1:
There's a ring around my finger
But it don't mean a thing
'Cause you've been looking elsewhere
Found a little bluebird to sing
Sing you a love song
Much prettier than mine
Now them cold winds are a'comin'
And it's time for you to fly

So fly away my darlin'
Don't want to hear you whispering my name
I'll find me a new little lovebird
To sit upon my windowpane

Verse 2:
When this blind fool rushed right in
Where did my angel go?
Failed to see the consequence
Of the things we do not know
One gets lost in the lonely night
Unable to see
The light that shines from the moon above
The light that shines on me

Verse 3:
How can a man love a woman
With another on his mind
Steal away her confidence
And you steal away her time
But time marches onward
And waits for no one
A new day, it is dawning
A new day has begun

Some Old Day

Some Old Day by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

Your footsteps
No longer do they fall
And echo within these four walls
Walked out the door and followed that devil in your mind

Damn that whiskey
And damn that soldier’s joy
Dared to steal a man from his baby boy
Never again to feel the caress of your loving wife

Some old day
I’ll get you off of my mind
Tear out that damn old kudzu vine
Leave this lonely life and hop on that midnight line

Take this babe
Take this babe from my breast
I can’t get me no good rest
And he looks just like that no good man of mine

Once we burned
With a fire so deep
Kept us warm through our winter’s sleep
Now the wind blows cinder and ash through my life


Why Must I

Why Must I by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

Verse 1:
Why must I always fly away from you
Leave you to your slumber by the light of the full face moon
Keep my love in secret no, I dare not tell a soul
For what may lie before me is full of heartache and toil

Don’t ask me if I love you
For the answer is in my eyes
And how I always long to
Be by your side

Verse 2:
Slip into my evening clothes
Your sleep not to disturb
Shed the nagging feeling
I am less than you deserve
‘Round every winding turn
With a hesitating feel
Push down the urge to turn around
One more kiss to steal

Verse 3:
Take you with me where I go
Your scent upon my skin
Memories that I can taste
On my tongue like sloe gin
When will this long road lead me
Back to where I belong
Your voice in my ear
Just like heaven-song


Midnight Train

Midnight Train written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

Verse 1:
Son, don't you bother giving me no alibi
Got three white folks who put you at the scene
Though you never been any trouble to me
That jury's gonna hang you good and clean

Now he's runnin'
He’s runnin’
To the rhythm of the midnight Train
Now he’s runnin’
He’s runnin’
Runnin’ to the rhythm of the midnight train

Verse 2:
Father, don't you touch my Mama like that again
Or I'll show you what a brave man I've become
When she awoke and was colored all black and blue
He ran to the cabinet and got that gun

Now he's runnin'...

Lover, I've got some news, my belly is growing hard
We'll have a sweet babe in our arms six months from now
I ain't no family man, got no use for you know
Take this money get the hell out of this town

Now she's runnin'...

Red Wine Song Lyrics

Red Light

Red Light written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2010 Stellada Music

Why you always flashing your red light, red light
Don't you know I'm not the kind to slow down
Why you always putting up your stop sign, stop sign
Wanna go fast, baby, I'll show you how

Verse 1:
You quit looking in that rear view mirror
Take your hands off the wheel
Don't you want to show me
How you really feel

Verse 2:
I know the sign, it says "Caution
Dangerous Curve Ahead"
Lean your body into the turn, my baby
All inhibitions we will shed

Verse 3:
That road map cannot help us
It don't show the route to my heart
Just trust your intuituion, my baby
Getting lost is my favorite part


Tell Me Lover True

Tell Me Lover True by Laurie Michelle Caner 2010 Stellada Music

Tell me lover true, tell me lover true
Come and kneel by my stone
Sing me lover true, sing me lover true
Come sing, sing to my bones

Verse 1:
Tell me the story of our wedding day
Do I wear a linen dress of white
Look of love in my eye

Verse 2:
Weave me a picture of what could have been
What colors paint the sky
Do I sing a sweet babe a lullaby

To you my soul is bound
Though my body lies in this cold, cold ground

Verse 3:
My darling, why did I have to leave your side
Your love was the light inside of me
Now I’m blind and I cannot see


Knock Me Off My Feet

Knock Me Off My Feet written by Laurie Michelle Caner  2010 by Stellada Music

Pick me up with your melody
Your voice carries me through
Rhyme every other line with my name
I swear I’ll love you true

Verse 1:
Play those strings with your hands
Sing me a song so sweet
Write me a verse that will turn my head
And knock me off my feet
I do not care if you sing off key
Or if you’re out of tune
Just as long as you serenade me
Beneath that yellow moon

Verse 2:
Play that chromatic scale
As if you’re playing me
Liken my love to a flower
Tell me what kind would it be
I wanna know what do you see
When you look into my eyes
Oceans blue, forget-me-nots and endless summer skies

If I Want To

 If I Want To written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2010 Stellada Music

Verse 1:
I can fall like a feather, and land beside your pillow
If I want to
I can float like a cloud, right into your dreams
If I want to
I can melt like a snowflake, onto your tongue
If I want to

Ain’t no tellin’, ain’t no tellin’, what I’m gonna do

Verse 2:
I can slink like an alley cat, follow your every step
If I want to
I can watch like a hawk, and, see you with her
If I want to
I can slither like a rattlesnake and spike your vein
If I want to

Verse 3:
I can sit like a stone, let the breezes blow
If I want to
I can rage like a storm, let the tears flow
If I want to
I can set like the sun and never see the light again
If I want to

Verse 4:
I can bloom like a flower and face towards the sun
If I want to
I can fly like a bird and soar through the heavens
If I want to
I can play like a fiddle and sing the sweetest song

Red Wine

Red Wine written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2010 Stellada Music

Aiyeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeee, eeee, eeee

Verse 1:
Red wine will get me through the night
In the morning, good God I will see the light
Fire burning in my shoes
Gonna take me far away from you

Verse 2:
This old banjo, I tried to keep in tune
But it never sounded good to you
Bite my nails just to pass the time
Was not looking for what I did not find

Verse 3:
Run, run river and carry me away
I no longer fear the break of day
Cannot push that which will not move
How much more can a poor girl lose

Verse 4:
Weeping willow and white birch tree
Stand tall and stay strong for me
Mother and Father, too
True love will always see you through


I Ain't Gonna Cry

I Ain’t Gonna Cry written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2009 by Stellada Music

I ain’t gonna cry, for you no more
I ain’t gonna cry, for you no more

Verse 1:
That black leather jacket, baby
Well it kept me nice and warm
Quite a shame it was the only thing, baby
That kept me hanging on

Verse 2:
Romantic verse and chivalry
Under a moonlit sky
Quite a way to woo me, baby
Then you left me so high and dry

Verse 3:
Now I can dance alone in this old empty house
And I feel alright in my skin
Your love’s not worth the effort, baby
It’s not worth this mess I’ve been


Bring Back

Bring Back written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2010 by Stellada Music

Verse 1:
She wants to stand out in the rain
Hold her hands up to the heavens above
Let those waters drench her blue dress
Wash away all that she’s done
Bring back the tide of love

Verse 2:
He’s always waiting by the window at evening
That’s when she said she’d be back around
But lately he’s got a sinking feeling
Once again the sun has gone down
Bring back the light of love

Love comes and it goes
There’s no rhyme, you just don’t know
Hold still and feel the wind blow

Verse 3:
She brought her to her breast every nightfall
Calmed her fears and rocked her to and fro
“My baby girls we’ll always be connected”
Now that baby is leaving home
Hold on to the power of love



Jeans written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2010 Stellada Music

Your hair is golden like the rays of the sun
I swear on my soul I’ll be your only one
I will work my fingers to the bone
Just to have you and you alone
Grab your finest shoes and your prettiest dress,
Come’on pretty baby, won’t you please say yes

Only if I wear my jeans, jeans, jeans

Sugar let down your flaxen hair
In the moonlight your skin so fair
Rub some ruby across your lips
Wrap a velvet skirt around your hips
Into the royal blue night we will go
Come’on lovely lady let me be your beau

I need a woman who will stay by my side
I need a woman dressed in ivory white
Paint me pretty pictures and sing me pretty songs
With you in my life I can do no wrong
So I fall before you on bended knee
Come’on sweet baby won’t you marry me?

Bridge: Faded and fitted and worn at the seams
Will you love me the same if I’m in my jeans?

Only if I wear my jeans, jeans, jeans

Only if I wear my jeans, jeans, jeans


Sister Mary

Sister Mary written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2010 by Stellada Music

And she prayed..

Sister Mary, oh Mary
I got to confess what I done
I long to feel that sweet forgiveness from the Father and His Son
Sister Mary, oh Mary
Won’t you fold your hands and pray
Help me save my soul from this sinner’s highway

Verse 1:
The bank they came a’knockin’
While his wife was in the field
“Got two weeks to show us pay or we’ll take your next crop’s yield”
On later in the moonlight
He didn’t have to dig down far
Grabbed his brother’s savings from that dirty old mason jar
And he prayed…

Verse 2:
That man he talked so smoothly
That he led her heart astray
She packed and left her family during church that Sunday
She knew she’d bear his child
Before the summer was through
Pain and guilt she felt, well, it tore her heart in two
And she prayed…

Verse 3:
He loves that still so dearly
He knows he gotta stop
Don’t quit soon it won’t be long before his liver’s shot
But he keeps a little bottle
In the second left-hand drawer
Thinks his wife ain’t looking
Well he drinks a little more
And he prayed…