Why Must I by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

Verse 1:
Why must I always fly away from you
Leave you to your slumber by the light of the full face moon
Keep my love in secret no, I dare not tell a soul
For what may lie before me is full of heartache and toil

Don’t ask me if I love you
For the answer is in my eyes
And how I always long to
Be by your side

Verse 2:
Slip into my evening clothes
Your sleep not to disturb
Shed the nagging feeling
I am less than you deserve
‘Round every winding turn
With a hesitating feel
Push down the urge to turn around
One more kiss to steal

Verse 3:
Take you with me where I go
Your scent upon my skin
Memories that I can taste
On my tongue like sloe gin
When will this long road lead me
Back to where I belong
Your voice in my ear
Just like heaven-song