By Your Side (Strength and Sword) by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

Verse 1:
Tell me a story of long ago
Help me lose my thinking in the blinding white winter snow
I cannot see from where it is I came
Thoughts of where I’m going are the same

Take me by the hand and lead my away from here
Show me the path you walk upon without fear
I want to be the strength and the sword
By your side

Verse 2:
Little boys and girls run free like the wind
Fall down, jump high and circle back again
The weight can be so heavy, a life gone so wrong
Briefly uplifted by a song

Verse 3:
Walking down the avenue I feel you close behind
Take my steps slowly ‘til your gaze meets mine
Sun on our faces, winter wind at our backs
Train at the station waiting on the tracks