Sister Mary written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2010 by Stellada Music

And she prayed..

Sister Mary, oh Mary
I got to confess what I done
I long to feel that sweet forgiveness from the Father and His Son
Sister Mary, oh Mary
Won’t you fold your hands and pray
Help me save my soul from this sinner’s highway

Verse 1:
The bank they came a’knockin’
While his wife was in the field
“Got two weeks to show us pay or we’ll take your next crop’s yield”
On later in the moonlight
He didn’t have to dig down far
Grabbed his brother’s savings from that dirty old mason jar
And he prayed…

Verse 2:
That man he talked so smoothly
That he led her heart astray
She packed and left her family during church that Sunday
She knew she’d bear his child
Before the summer was through
Pain and guilt she felt, well, it tore her heart in two
And she prayed…

Verse 3:
He loves that still so dearly
He knows he gotta stop
Don’t quit soon it won’t be long before his liver’s shot
But he keeps a little bottle
In the second left-hand drawer
Thinks his wife ain’t looking
Well he drinks a little more
And he prayed…