Red Wine written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2010 Stellada Music

Aiyeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeee, eeee, eeee

Verse 1:
Red wine will get me through the night
In the morning, good God I will see the light
Fire burning in my shoes
Gonna take me far away from you

Verse 2:
This old banjo, I tried to keep in tune
But it never sounded good to you
Bite my nails just to pass the time
Was not looking for what I did not find

Verse 3:
Run, run river and carry me away
I no longer fear the break of day
Cannot push that which will not move
How much more can a poor girl lose

Verse 4:
Weeping willow and white birch tree
Stand tall and stay strong for me
Mother and Father, too
True love will always see you through