Red Hot by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

I’ve seen the color of sunset
The color of rising dawn
But my god damn favorite
Is the color of you gone

It shine just like silver
Glows just like gold
But I miss that red hot
When our bodies enfold
Our bodies enfold…yeah!

I have seen your kind before
Felt the touch of your hand
Feels real good at midnight
But in the morning you’re just a man

Once you get the fire burning
You got to blow on them coals
If the flame it goes out
You’re going to get cold
Going to get cold…yeah!

My sweet little sister
Listen to what mama preach
Dig a hole down in the earth
Pray that hole your heart to keep

Do not walk the path I have
Nor give away what I gave
Live with both wings outstretched
Not one foot in the grave
One foot in the grave…yeah!