Say Hello to Paris written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

Got your postcard the other day
About your walk along the River Seine
Sent my mind a’spinning
So many places I have never been
Do I sink or do I swim?

So say hello to Paris
For me, for me
Ain't getting' there anytime soon
With theses three babes rambling' round my feet
Maybe someday I'll get away...
Until then say hello to Paris for me

The coffee in my cold kitchen, dear
Well, it's bitter, but it's sweet
Love to be right next to you
Drink in your company
Do just as I please

I must trust that for me
There will come a time
Cause there's music in the rhythm and there's
Reason in the rhyme
And the beauty that I need
Is right, right in front of me