Midnight Train written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

Verse 1:
Son, don't you bother giving me no alibi
Got three white folks who put you at the scene
Though you never been any trouble to me
That jury's gonna hang you good and clean

Now he's runnin'
He’s runnin’
To the rhythm of the midnight Train
Now he’s runnin’
He’s runnin’
Runnin’ to the rhythm of the midnight train

Verse 2:
Father, don't you touch my Mama like that again
Or I'll show you what a brave man I've become
When she awoke and was colored all black and blue
He ran to the cabinet and got that gun

Now he's runnin'...

Lover, I've got some news, my belly is growing hard
We'll have a sweet babe in our arms six months from now
I ain't no family man, got no use for you know
Take this money get the hell out of this town

Now she's runnin'...