Jeans written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2010 Stellada Music

Your hair is golden like the rays of the sun
I swear on my soul I’ll be your only one
I will work my fingers to the bone
Just to have you and you alone
Grab your finest shoes and your prettiest dress,
Come’on pretty baby, won’t you please say yes

Only if I wear my jeans, jeans, jeans

Sugar let down your flaxen hair
In the moonlight your skin so fair
Rub some ruby across your lips
Wrap a velvet skirt around your hips
Into the royal blue night we will go
Come’on lovely lady let me be your beau

I need a woman who will stay by my side
I need a woman dressed in ivory white
Paint me pretty pictures and sing me pretty songs
With you in my life I can do no wrong
So I fall before you on bended knee
Come’on sweet baby won’t you marry me?

Bridge: Faded and fitted and worn at the seams
Will you love me the same if I’m in my jeans?

Only if I wear my jeans, jeans, jeans

Only if I wear my jeans, jeans, jeans