Honey Man by Laurie Michelle Caner 2013 Stellada Music

Verse 1:
My baby likes it sweet nearly everyday
My baby likes it sticky in every way
Now I’m in deep
Yes, I’m in way over my head
You know I owe my soul to the Honey man
To the Honey man

Verse 2:
I take Ninth Avenue, though Main Street's the best way
Got to avoid that honeyman when I'm working my day
He'd take my house
You know he'd take my babychild
To satisfy my debt for that honeywild
For that honeywild

He's my honey man
Aww, he's my honey man
He's my honey man
You know I owe my soul
To that honey man
To that honey man

King of the bees
Yes, he's got what I need
Aww don't you ever take my sweet

Verse 3:
I got an old jar
Collect all that I can
I'm saving real hard to pay back that honeyman
Counted ten, now it counts twenty-five
Still I feel like I'm drowning in his honey hive
In his honey hive