Bring Back written by Laurie Michelle Caner 2010 by Stellada Music

Verse 1:
She wants to stand out in the rain
Hold her hands up to the heavens above
Let those waters drench her blue dress
Wash away all that she’s done
Bring back the tide of love

Verse 2:
He’s always waiting by the window at evening
That’s when she said she’d be back around
But lately he’s got a sinking feeling
Once again the sun has gone down
Bring back the light of love

Love comes and it goes
There’s no rhyme, you just don’t know
Hold still and feel the wind blow

Verse 3:
She brought her to her breast every nightfall
Calmed her fears and rocked her to and fro
“My baby girls we’ll always be connected”
Now that baby is leaving home
Hold on to the power of love